Web Development

The first step in obtaining a web site or web presence will be signing up for domain hosting for the domain name that you wish to develop. However before choosing such a name one should use due diligence and find out what others are searching for in the area that you would like to delve into, in order to name your site properly for relevant search results.

I suggest Google’s Keyword Tool for starters:

Google Keyword Tool
Google Keyword Tool
  1. Brainstorm for as many single words that describe the product, place, services, or thing that the site will pertain to.
  2. Focus in on what keyword phrases that might explain the site better.
  3. Observe how many local  and global searches are placed for the top 5 terms in 3 specific segments that relate to the site.
  4. EX: website
  • free website = 1,830,000 Local Monthly Searches – 5,000,000 Global Monthly Searches – with Medium competition
  • website design = 1,500,000 Local Monthly Searches – 5,000,000 Global Monthly Searches – with High competition
  • game website = 823,000 Local Monthly Searches with Low competition
  • best website = 1,000,000 Local Monthly Searches with¬†Medium competition
  • website designer, etc., etc.

Choosing a domain name that includes a word or word phrase that people are already searching for will help any site return better search results in Google.