http://www.areyousavedtour.com – (2010-2011) Web administration, hosting, social networking, WordPress development, and client education for free to a great cause. Stephen Crow is a great young man and I am happy to help him out with anything that I can.

http://www.austinhiphopunderground.com – (2007-present) Web development, SEO, hosting, WordPress Development, digital graphics, photography, research, development, time investment, teaching others about the music business, community building and mentoring. There are several people who made this project happen, Abyzz, Stealth, T-Flo, Coop, Street Monopoly, Gutta Gang (2007 GG), and Mike Avila whose insight came to me from a distance, but was admired. This was one of my first WordPress site migrations and once hosted a local internet radio station.

http://www.austin-realestate-services.com – (2006-2008) Web development, SEO, social networking, hosting, Research and Development, Business to Business Services, printing, flier distribution, and customer service for Realtors and real estate professionals.
http://www.austintxadvertising.com – (2006-2008) Advertising services, SEO, marketing plans, direct marketing, flier distribution, web design, poster production, placement and complete advertising campaign strategies. We have also completed many branding projects using custom designed graphics and logos.  This business was a female owned family run business based in the Austin Texas area.

http://www.chbba.com – (2014) Web Development, SEO, flier distribution, graphic design, photography, project management, WordPress Development, form and database management, PayPal and marketing. This is a project for the Chapel Hill Baseball Association to organize their player registration and event sign up. This is also a charity based project with the gift of services for at least one year.

http://www.directoryofhawaii.com – (2006 – 2008) Web Development, photography, social networking, craigslist advertising, craigslist rss feed publication, seo, directory listing, database management, and Google Maps services. This was the website that we developed while living in Kailua Hawaii in 2006, and continued to develop it for vacation information to the Hawaiian Islands.

http://www.doscrackers.com – (2003-2008) Custom Graphics, custom printing, sublimation, custom accessories, logo creation, graphics renovations, web development, shopping carts, product inventory, vendor sales, event production, audio/visual production, video recording, audio recording, live performance set up/take down, and event production.

http://www.goodacts.org – (2005-present) Future 501(c)3 Non-Profit organization built to aid those who give with those who need.